Apply to be a Facilitator for The Date


Are you an undergraduate student interested in being a part of the movement to end violence on campus? Apply to be a The Date facilitatorThe Date is a play and discussion-based program done every year for incoming First Year students during Bear Beginnings. The intent of The Date is to inform First-Year students of sexual assault, rape culture, the role of alcohol, consent, and bystander intervention in a university environment. Following the actual performance of The Date, groups of students go to a small discussion space to engage in dialogue with peer facilitators –the students that we are seeking –to help debrief and discuss what was just performed. In this space, facilitators will help First-Year students understand community standards around consent, bystander intervention, survivor resources, and establish a precedent for ending sexual violence on campus.  


For this work to happen, we need hard working, dedicated, empathetic students who care deeply for the welfare and future of their community. We greatly appreciate your continued efforts to make Washington University a better, brighter, and safer campus for all. 


The deadline is March 25th at 11:59 pm.