Common Cannabis Products and Risk-Levels: Know Your Product Part 2

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By Caitlynn Bohanon, AOD PHE

There are many different types of cannabis-derived products on the market today, and oftentimes there is little to no accurate information as to what is inside of them. Here is a quick guide to some of the common forms of cannabis and what they do while in your body!

Please keep in mind that most THC-potent cannabis products are still illegal at the federal level, and research is still growing on the impacts of cannabis use in the long term.  


For more information on the differences between CBD and THC products, and how the different types of cannabis products impact your body, refer to “Know Your Product – Part 1,” the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Information regarding cannabis, the Food and Drug Administration’s research on cannabis, or one of the many other reliable sources of comprehensive marijuana and cannabis education. 



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